Welcome to Professional Officiating.  We are one of the largest umpire organizations in Northern California, with over 100 active members.  We provide umpires to more than 40 baseball programs in the East Bay including Pony, Babe Ruth, American Legion, Connie Mack, and various adult leagues.  These programs receive some of the highest quality umpiring in Northern California.  Well over half of our members are experienced high school umpires and 1 in 4 are college umpires actively working in the PAC-12, West Coast Conference, and other conferences in the Western United States.
    In addition to providing quality umpires to some of the top baseball programs in Northern California, we provide comprehensive training to our members.  We provide an annual clinic for our members that also attracts umpires from as far away as Nevada and Washington.  We provide ongoing training such as rules and mechanics classes, and monthly meetings during the season where rules and mechanics are updated, reviewed and discussed.
    If you are an umpire looking for an organization that will work to make you a better umpire and give you the opportunity to see some of the best baseball programs in Northern California, click on the "join us" link in the list on the left. 
    If you are a coach or league official who is looking to provide your program with some of the best officiating in the area, please contact us.